Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Rediscover the Benefits of Nuru massage - Ancient Japanese Type of Bodywork

Body to Body Massage by Succubi
Nuru Massage in New York by Succubi

You must have known that massages are not only therapeutic in nature but also erotic, sensual and relaxing- therefore, the ancient and most widely sought-after nuru massage is the best solution to any stress related problem. The whole idea of this massage is to help rejuvenate the body along with the mind instantly, as the body to body connection improves the possibility of achieving higher if not different therapeutic and relaxation form. Indulging in the massage is an experience that cannot be forgotten as the entire activity remains fresh in your mind, and helps you to feel refreshed effortlessly in no time. The type of benefits that nuru massage brings include better rhythm and harmony, improved muscle relaxation and heightened sense of surroundings as the entire body rediscovers itself.

The most amazing beneficial aspects of nuru massage come from the activity itself, as the whole massage experience will be enjoyed through slipperiness of the masseuse's body weight on top of yours, releasing the negative energy and chemicals that were causing stress to your mind and body. For most partners or recipients that receive the message, the entire experience of nuru massage will be far more peaceful and incredible as they will be provided complete privacy, the massage will be performed in a well maintained spacious location, and the most sophisticated and high-quality nuru massage gel will be used.
Ideally nuru massages are meant to elevate your inner mood and mind to higher consciousness. Masseuse's is trained to use her body to cater to each and every tense muscle in the recipient’s body, to release the knots and provide excellent comfort and relaxation never seen before. Nuru massages are tender, gentle, sensual, erotic and emotional. You can see that the recipients have benefited in terms of relief, satisfaction, joy and pleasure that they had never felt before.

Unlike any other massage services, nuru massage is a private and highly intimate experience; therefore, to maintain utmost privacy, and ensure proper safety there will be adequate measures taken to safely give the massage. They are performed on surfaces such as massage beds and nuru style mats which are disinfected for proper cleanliness. Then the gels used are easily soluble in water, and can be easily washed off. To feel more relaxed and extra comfortable, nuru massages allows the recipients to customize and improvise according to their flexibility.


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